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Kayla L.

I hosted a private cooking demo at my high rise in River North and Chef Aram created an amazing Indian dish. The food was not only flavorful, but healthy AND the prep was very easy to follow. The guests and myself felt confident that we could recreate this dish and put our own spin on it. I will definitely be using the wonderful culinary artist again and again. Chef Aram was prompt, fun, and delightful!

Mike D.

Chef Aram is a star. And I don’t just mean that colloquially. I mean that literally, the guy’s been on multiple TV programs for his skills.

But that’s not what makes Chef Aram special. The guy cares about what he’s doing and who he’s doing it for. He went out of his way to make a small brunch for two into an incredible experience. He had little time to prepare, a limited kitchen and dishware setup, and a Sunday morning start time to deal with… and he over-delivered.

First, the food. It’s delicious. Each dish featured multiple flavors playing off one another in a complex, but not overwhelming way. And it’s not just restaurant-quality, it’s make-your-reservations-two-months-in-advance quality. But the flavors are only half the story. Chef Aram takes a simple dish like a seared scallop and turns it into an edible piece of art. His eye for plate design is only rivaled by his palate.

His abilities as a Chef would be enough on their own, but Chef Aram is also just a fantastic human being. Funny, humble, interesting and interested, he himself was just as important to our incredible experience as the outstanding dishes he was serving.

I can’t recommend Chef Aram enough. He will take your event from what you hope it will be, to what you hadn’t imagined it could be. Book him before he becomes too famous to do this anymore.

Christy D.

Chef Aram Reed is absolutely wonderful! I could not have imagined a more perfect dinner party and it is entirely thanks to him. When Chef Aram and I first discussed the party, I was trying to figure out a venue as my apartment would not be big enough to accommodate the guests. He immediately had a couple great solutions and the space he secured for us was stunning. He assured me he would take care of everything – did he ever! I showed up 20 minutes prior to the party start time and the table setting, lighting, music – everything – was perfect. What was even better, was the food. The menu he prepared was amazing – I don’t think there was a guest who left anything on their plates. Truly, some of the best food I have had. To top it off, Chef Aram is so much fun – he interacted with the guests, made sure everyone was having a good time and it was a pleasure to have him as our chef for the evening. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend him and my experience with Kitchit. I wish I could hire Chef Aram for parties all the time – we’ll be talking about this one for a long time to come!

Christina O.

Another stellar meal by Chef Aram!

Elizabeth H.

Chef Aram was fantastic. From the moment we started discussing the menu he was flexible, easy to work with, and always a pleasure to speak to. We had a couple different dietary restrictions and opinions on what we wanted and he created a menu that worked for everyone and included our preferences. The food was interesting and delicious and he allowed me to be a guest in my own home. He took care of all the service and ensured that everyone had a wonderful experience. Chef Aram truly created a wonderful evening for my husband, our guests, and myself. Overall an amazing experience!

Johnell M.

Excellent. Chef was professional, cordial, informative and pleasurable. Food was delicious. Two of my guests had special dietary needs. Chef was more than willing to accommodate their individual needs. My wife was truly surprised and pleased. We will definitely use his services again.

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