Greetings Fellow Chefs, Foodies, Family, Friends, and Bloggers!

My sincerest apologies for not writing a post earlier, but this year has been an epic rollercoaster of work and I have been busy makin’ deals and cookin’ meals. I figured the best way to get this blog rolling was to give a re-cap of the last year, so here goes…

Last August I tried out for a TV called The Taste on ABC and made it to final rounds. I went out to LA, got eliminated, but had the good fortunate to meet a lot of interesting and compelling people in the Culinary industry from all across the country. After the show finished, one of the contestants, Mia, helped launched in Chicago and I got to be one of the fist chefs on this endeavor. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kitchit, it’s a Personal and Private Chef search service that allows clients to find private chefs near them for their events and catering services. Through Kitchit, I have been able serve up some amazing dinner parties for a wide range of clientele. I got to travel to Wisconsin for en event at client’s beautiful lake house, cook a 7-course meal for Bill Curtis & Casey Urlacher, Wilco, and served meals in the Trump Tower & other beautiful homes across the city of Chicago.  If you are interested in learning more about Kitchit and myself, check out my reviews and profile on You won’t be disappointed.

In addition to Kitchit, I have continued working at everyone’s favorite Tech firm in Chicago, TableXI. Due to TXI’s cutting edge ideas and business philosophy, the firm has grown rapidly this past year and it’s been exciting to cook for a ton of new faces in the office. TXI also started an event called “Table Talks,” which is a monthly forum to share new ideas in 2-6 minute presentations. I gave a talk on Innovation and my transition from the suit to the chef coat, which was praised with great enthusiasm by the Peckakucha community. Please check it out at

Similar to Kitchit, I am also part of the Kitchensurfing community in Chicago. Kitchensurfing is basically the same thing as Kitchit and was launched last week in Chicago, which is pretty exciting. As 2013 continues to get busier, we will keep you posted on the dishes I am doing in the office, at dinner parties, and other special events in Chicago!