…and we hope you’ve enjoyed many summer treats just like we have!

We have kept busy with our weekly meal drop offs, Hatch Made Meals for those in need, lots of wonderful outdoor events, and many safe indoor soirees.

While the future is unclear as to how this pandemic will continue to play out, we are confident that we can still provide a safe, excellent and enjoyable experience for all of your culinary needs!


pesto sauce

We have recently joined the Hatchery in providing free meals to those in need throughout our Garfield Park community as well as throughout the rest of Chicago! Our meals go out to local churches and shelters

It has been such a wonderful experience working with the Hatchery and it’s donors for this project. Each week we provide a delicious and nutritious meal for those in need.

This past week we built a great meal with a southwestern style chicken breast, grilled zucchini squash, and a fantastic sweet corn and black bean succotash.

As a business that has been fortunate enough to survive and thrive throughout this pandemic, we feel that it is our duty to give back to our Chicago community and help those who may be struggling.This week we cooked and delivered over 500 meals to local shelters, churches and even the amazing Chicago Love Fridge in West Town. Our Southwest Chicken with a fire roasted corn and black bean succotash was a hit, and we can’t wait to get back at it next month for more tasty bites!

Exclusive September Dates!

Summer may still be with us for another month or so, but don’t slack on snagging one of these excellent September dates!

  • Friday, September 3rd
  • Saturday, September 4th
  • Friday, September 10th
  • Thursday, September 16th
  • Friday, September 17th
  • Thursday, September 23rd
  • Friday, September 24th
  • Thursday, September 30th

Don’t wait, these dates will be gone soon!

Hey there!

I’m Sarah, Chef Aram’s wife and partner in cooking, parenting, and travel. Aram and I have gone on some great trips, both national and international and throughout these trips we have had some amazing culinary experiences. I’ve been inspired by these excursions to start what I’m calling a Recipe Story Series. Below is a story from the first year we were dating. It’s not a travel story, but one about the first time I cooked a meal for Aram and now, it’s one we enjoy all the time!



Hi! I’m that Not-At-All-Italian wife. While I’ve always had a deep appreciation for EATING, (as a child, knowing whether or not there would be snacks somewhere was of the utmost importance) I never got much into cooking until I met Aram. Our first year dating was, for me, a crash course in cooking basics.

One day I offered to make dinner and Aram requested chicken parmigiana. I’d had chicken parm many times before but I’d never made it myself. The recipe is straightforward enough: dredged chicken cutlets coated in breadcrumb, pan fried until golden, topped with marinara, a melted slice of mozzarella, and a basil leaf. Boom. Done. But I was looking to impress and I worried that the breading on the chicken would be soggy. I’ve had many a soggy parm and ugh, no thanks.

So I had an unorthodox idea. I’ll use panko in my breading mix! I used a 50/50 ratio of classic italian breadcrumbs and panko crumbs and also added a healthy amount of cayenne and powdered garlic to the flour dredging to pump up the flavor. The final touch, IMHO, is a FRESH, basil leaf on top of the melted mozz. Put a leaf in your palm and give it a smack with your other hand. Release those basil oils. Breathe deeply. Hell yeah.

If you’re interested in receiving the recipe for this chicken parm, please reach out to me at davis.sarahcait@gmail.com

Don’t worry, eat happy!



Chef Aram and Sarah cooking

Continue to practice social distancing while still enjoying a cooking class over Zoom with your family, friends, and colleagues!

Since the beginning of quarantine, we have held over 100 Zoom cooking classes with themes including:
Fresh Pasta Making, Healthy Cooking, and Dinner in Paris.

These virtual cooking classes are great for corporate wellness demos, bachelor/ette parties, family reunions, etc. Able to accommodate up to 50 people at once!


  1. I create a menu with the designated host, including any and all dietary restrictions.
  2. Next, the menu and a full list of ingredients are sent out to all participating parties.
  3. Each participant shops for their ingredients.
  4. Everyone logs into Zoom at the predetermined date and time, ready to cook!
  5. I lead the cooking class step by step and when finished, we eat!

To book your virtual cooking class, contact us at aramreed@gmail.com or 773-398-0978!

Bon appetit!


Chef Aram and meal packages
bags of packaged meals

We are so happy to continue providing our Family Meal Delivery Services that we have been running for years!

We are now expanding our client base for meal drop offs, so sign up now before slots are filled!


What a great way to get food to your family, or send to friends who may need assistance! Right now, many are unable to shop for themselves due to over crowded stores, lack of product, compromised immune systems that prevent them from being out in public, or limited mobility due to age or other reasons.

This can be set up for delivery to your family or friends once or twice a week, ensuring there is ample food to eat as we are possibly continuing shut in periods. What a great gift for those that need it most!

To set up a meal delivery, please contact us at 773.398.0978 or at aramreed@gmail.com


Chef Aram's gift certificates

Treat your friends, family and loved ones to a fabulous in-home culinary experience with Chef Aram Reed!

Our gift certificates are perfect for surprising your special ones for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, you name it! Good for dinner parties, cooking classes, meal drop-offs and more.

Contact me at 773-398-0978 or aramreed@gmail.com to create your personalized gift certificate.



Between the passion and pleasure that I find in cooking, my goal is to always deliver a wonderful culinary experience for your event.

The importance of better understanding your side of the experience is huge. This helps me and my team to continue to deliver the high quality service you have come to expect and enjoy from Chef Aram Reed Private Dining!

I would be so appreciative if you helped us out by leaving a short review from an event, dinner party, cooking class, demo, or whatever/wherever you may have enjoyed our experience.

It just takes a few minutes and it will mean the world to me!

I have listed several sites below so you can click the one that you prefer.

As always, I truly appreciate your thoughts and support. Thank you and have a great day!


Chef Aram