sloane on a tricycleWhat a beautiful autumn we’ve been enjoying!

Thanksgiving is here and the winter holidays are just around the corner.

We have been cooking our hearts out over here and enjoying some wonderful time outdoors with our little chef, Sloane!

We hope you are all happy, healthy, and ready for the season of giving.

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Hey there!

I’m Sarah, Chef Aram’s wife and partner in cooking, parenting, and travel. Aram and I have gone on some great trips, both national and international and throughout these trips we have had some amazing culinary experiences. I’ve been inspired by these excursions to start what I’m calling a Recipe Story Series. Below is a story from the first year we were dating. I believe this was our first big trip together, and I think it fitting to include in this newsletter because it was also November when we went to Paris, back in 2015. Please enjoy!


chicken cassoulet


“Je regret, Monsieur, but there is no other wine that would do justice paired with the cassoulet you have ordered. Non, Monsieur, I simply could not allow you to order another wine.”

Aram looks at me across the table with panic in his eyes. We have been dating for almost three months and are on a week-long vacation in Paris. It is November and I am thrilled because most of the vintage pieces of clothing I have acquired recently would only be fit for slightly chilly weather. I’m in France and, damnit, I’m wearing a robin’s egg blue beret as I walk along the Seine, smoking a Gauloises or Gitanes cigarette. (Smoking doesn’t count when you’re in Paris, darling.)

As someone who, at the time, only kept enough money in her bank account to afford rent, utilities, a phone bill, and a smattering of “going out” money, I was shocked at the price of the bottle of wine our waiter was insisting upon. As Americans, we know very well that other regions of the world see us as valuing quantity over quality, but this push to spend as much as my monthly rent was really a bit much.

Aram was pushed to the point of embarrassment. “I sincerely appreciate your fine suggestion, but the bottle is simply beyond our price range. I would be happy to order another bottle at a lower value, s’il vous plait.”

I beamed with pride at Aram’s attempt at a “please” en francais. (The man regularly ordered a coffee in a confident mixture of Italian and Spanish. Bless his heart.)

With a sigh and an eye roll, our waiter accepted our wine order and slunk off. I sat up a smidge straighter and let out a sigh of contentment. I truly admire French culture, but, as Eddie Izzard has joked: “the French can be a bit….French.”

As I travel, locally, nationally, and internationally, my intention is to become bigger inside. I take in and digest other customs, intentions, and behaviors. It behooves us to be open and soak the world in. It makes us better people. It seasons us. If our souls were a dish, our willingness to be soaked in the essence of other cultures makes us taste better. It imbues in us the cosmic version of umami.

Our dishes arrive and the less expensive wine we ordered pairs very well with the rich cassoulet. I know that the more expensive bottle might have paired better, but this was perfect for us.

Almost one month into what is now a 6 year long relationship and I couldn’t have asked for more.

There was unctuous pork and savory duck, tender beans, a silky roux, and the warm hand of a partner who I knew that I could hold for years through future travels and many, many bottles of sub- par wine.

Bon appetit!

If you’re interested in receiving the recipe for this cassoulet, please reach out to me at

Don’t worry, eat happy!



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bags of packaged meals

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This can be set up for delivery to your family or friends once or twice a week, ensuring there is ample food to eat as we are possibly continuing shut in periods. What a great gift for those that need it most!

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