After two long years of preparation and hard work, my mother and my aunt have launched a new business that I am happy to spread the word about. I wish them nothing but great success and it all starts by sharing it with the world. Please read below. Oh, and by the way, she is not paying me for this, nor am I an affiliate. So here we go…

If you look at Chef Aram’s Facebook Page, what do you know about Aram? You know he has a zest for life, loves to travel, offers different flavors of cuisine to his customers, and teaches you great tricks and tips in culinary skills. Visiting Aram’s Page, you get to know him, like him, and trust him. So when he shows up at your home or office, to create that amazing meal for your friends or co-workers, there are no surprises. You totally trust the experience.

If your marketing strategy doesn’t include that same experience for your customers and you don’t have a way to find new prospects that clone those customers, you need to consider creating a Facebook Business Page… and its free. Over 100 million Americans log into Facebook every night. Facebook has so many tools to help you engage with those folks: you can post photos, videos, advertise events, you can obtain reviews from your customers, and you can have prospects sign up for your newsletter or blog. Facebook now offers – Facebook Live – can you imagine the thrill of live streaming? A Facebook Page can even be an alternative to a website, if you don’t already have one.

We have researched the marvels of Facebook and boiled it down into the Top Ten Reasons a Facebook Page Can Help Grow Your Business.

By the way, want to know a little secret about Aram while he was growing up? Shhh…don’t tell him I told you. Remember those signs around buildings – “No Skateboarding.” Yep, he didn’t pay attention. He used to skateboard around the buildings on Wacker Driver. You know the places!! Drove me crazy. I see he hasn’t lost his skill, but he does obey the law now. In fact, he even helped build a skateboard park for young people. #proudmom

chef aram reed riding a skateboard

A skateboard fan since he was a kid!

If you don’t already have a Facebook Business Page, I hope you’ll consider building one, so that your customers can get to know, like, and trust you.
Aram’s Mom
(aka Janet Elie)

Janet Elie is an Internet Marketing Specialist with Launch4Life. Her company’s mission is to help small businesses launch their business to the next level. You can find her on Facebook at: